Monday, April 29, 2013

Wet weather spring

With all the rain that we have had since January 1st, we are experiencing numerous springs on the golf course. We have installed new drainage on 10 fairway, 8 rough, 17 rough.

15 pro tee

We enlarged the back tee on 15 over the winter. Below are some pics of the tee getting the last few touches before the sod was laid.

Poa annua seed head suppression

In mid march we sprayed our fairways with a product called embark. Embark stops the poa from forming a seed head. I have sprayed this product for years and have had great results. It allows us to reduce our fairway mowing from 3 days a week, to 2 days a week, a substantial savings in fuel, labor, and wear on the machines. Below is a pic of where the boom was turned off too soon and you can see where the seed heads have appeared next to where the fairway has been sprayed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Irrigation repair

We had a faulty valve stop working that closes off the pavilion area. We installed a new valve and upon doing so, cut the drinking water supply line that feeds the pavilion. All is fixed now, just need to pour some sackrete around the valve to hold it in place.

Sand silo

We have successfully removed our sand silo from Harrison's property. It was quite the task, but it now resides next to the maintenance facility. We use the dry sand for topdressing our greens weekly. The dry sand falls into the canopy of the plant much better than wet sand and is very unnoticeable to the eye.


Today we sodded about 1000 square feet of bent sod around the course. The area on 7 approach,15 approach were the biggest areas .if your ball lands in these areas, play it as ground under repair. The sod should tack in a few weeks.