Monday, June 16, 2014

Forward tees

We are in the process of installing forward tees on all holes except par 3's. New yardages have been measured and will be on the new score cards that have been ordered. These tees can also be used for juniors that are just now starting to learn the game.


We poured the concrete today for the paver sidewalk. It really turned out nice and we should be installing the pavers soon. Stay tuned!

Paver project

The golf course maintenance crew has been busy removing the dirt for the brick paver project. We did this in house and saved the club money. We also ran into some concrete that was part of the club house footer. This had to be jack hammered out of the way in order for the form boards to be installed.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paver installation

We are in the process of removing the stones from the walking path behind the club house to make room for the concrete paver path. Next week we will be removing some dirt and putting up form boards for the concrete. Stay tuned!


Late yesterday afternoon, someone took their golf cart for a spin on the first fairway and green. While nothing was damaged, we will have to look at this for a few days. It seems to have only bruised the turf. If you see suspicious activity on the course, please contact me or the police department.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Assistant superintendent John Grist has been busy planting the flower bed by 6 green. This was a small bed that we created last year but never got around to planting anything. This past winter killed a lot of our azealas around the club house. We have dug them up and replaced them with daylillies. We have also planted some behind 6 green and 14.

Greens aerification

I want to thank my crew for giving up their Sunday to come help aerate the greens. They worked from 3-8 tonite to get most of the greens punched. We will finish the back nine tomorrow. This will be the only time this summer that we pull a core, all the other scheduled aerations will  be in the form of venting. The holes should heal over in about a week. We also applied a 0-0-50 potassium to the greens.