Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bad areas on fairways

What a summer. Hot and dry and very little rainfall. Then it rained, all at once. 7" in one week with no sun to dry the course. What we were left with was a few areas on some fairways that lost some grass. So what are we going to do. First we are going to aerate it, then verticut it, seed it, fertilize it and topdress and give her a whole lotta love. Then hopefully in 2 weeks we will see some seedlings starting to pop. We will treat these spots as a grow in, so we will have to restrict cart traffic while we grow this in. With the cooler nights in the 50's, most of the stressed turf will recover. Please be careful in these areas as we try to improve the turf.

Night spray

Occasionally we apply products that have to be watered in to the soil. Spraying first thing in the morning doesn't allow me to get the required amount of water needed to push this product into the soil. With golfers starting at 7:30, there would be a good chance of them getting wet, so it makes since to spray at night. We installed LED lights to the sprayer making it much easier to see. While I was spraying greens, I noticed a pair of bats mating.

Cool pics

11 green

Big plans for this area behind the 11th green. Stay tuned for more pics.

Brush cutting

We have begun the process of cutting down all the vegetation around creeks and lakes. This will take us till October to complete the areas around the golf course.