Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Morning sunrise

Cool shot on Monday.

Venting greens

This should have been posted a few weeks ago, but we have finished up our last venting of greens for the year. Our next aerification will be the week of November 3rd. We will be using a 1/2" tine on a 2" hole spacing followed by a heavy sand topdressing. More on this in November .

Fall fertilizer

We have applied the fall fertilizer to the fairways. The analysis is 22-2-19. This will give us just over a pound of nitrogen. The second week of October we will put out the same fertilizer again on the fairways applying just over a half a pound of nitrogen. Howard's fertilizer came in and applied it with their truck. It only took them an 1 1/2 hours to spread 30 acres of turf.

Double rainbow

This was taken a few weeks back. 

A few morning shots around the course

Foggy valley

I took this shot this morning at the overlook. Pretty awesome! We are very fortunate where we live.