Monday, June 24, 2013

Monthly trimming

Every month we trim around the irrigation heads. All of the yardages are from 250 yds in.


This week we are 1/4 tining the greens. This will help us maintain good greens going into July. With all of the rain we have been getting, the greens need to breathe. We are also taking this time to apply an organic fertilizer and 0-0-50 potassium and a light topdressing of sand. We should have all 19 greens done by tomorrow. By the way, we are at 50" of rain for the year.

A bear sighting

This picture came from David Spears. This was last Friday night, looks as if he was wanting to try out chef James' food. Pretty cool!


Caught a few rainbows around the valley the past few days.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today we edged all of the brick curbing that is between the tees and greens. During the renovation we hand laid all of the bricks that you see around the golf course. This is one of the monthly task that you will see the golf maintenance crew performing. By doing this it makes the bricks look good.

Turtle eggs

Found a turtle nest today on the creek of 12. Won't be long now till we see some new turtles.

Verticutting the range

Today we used the garden to verti-cut the driving range tee. With the amount of fertilizer we put on the tee that is mixed in our divot mix, the leaf blades have been getting fat. This machine thins out some of the leaf blades as well as helps reduce thatch.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend rains

We received 3.5" of rain since Friday. We will be on the paths until Wednesday. Below are some pics of us trying to unclog some drains on the range.