Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Random pics around the course

Thank you's

It's always nice to get these in the mail. 

Sunrise,sunset pics

Just some random shots around the valley. I love these early morning and late evening shots.

A colorful May in the mountains

The abundance of wild flowers and rhododendrons are spectacular right now. There are many pink lady slippers to the right of 1 fairway. Please do not pick these. The native rhodo's will bloom in July with the mountain laurel blooming now. I have also seeded wild flowers on the mounds to the right of 15 and behind 18 green. It will be a month or so before we see some color. I'll post pics when that happens.


This is the same guy that visited me a year ago. He has destroyed my hot tub cover twice. This time just getting in the garage and hauling off the trash into the woods.

Ladies tee #8

The new tee for the women should be open soon. With the lack of rainfall, we are holding off just a little bit longer to get the roots to establish better. Check out the pics to see the progress.