Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Last week we installed some drainage on the driving range. This area in the approach was staying wet and we were unable to collect the balls in the picker. We also were not able to mow this on a regular basis due to being wet all the time. This should dry up the approach.


I'm a little late posting this, but we have touched up around the club house and cart barn with pine straw. With the warmer weather, things are starting to look good.

Week of April 28 2014

With the rain coming in this week, we went ahead and vented all the greens along with a light topdressing followed by an application of potassium. Strong storms are in the forcast for tonight and in to tomorrow. Dryer weather is due in by Thursday. Looks like a great weekend of golf.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bear sighting

This guy made a mess of my hot tub cover. Had fun taking lots of pictures, hopefully he found something to eat other than styrofoam.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A birthday celebration

Today the amigos took Irvin Canada, (mechanic) out to lunch at la cabana for his birthday. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Nacho helped Irvin with a face full of cake!

Hemlock removal

We spent last Friday removing two dead hemlocks that the hemlock wooly adelgid have killed. Both of these trees were on the 15th hole and were in danger of falling near the green or the waterfall. On a good note, it did open the view towards Dillard and standing Indian near the Appalachian trail.

Tee aerification

Last week we completed our tee aerification for the spring. We did not topdress the tees and decided to leave the holes open. The fall aerification will include a heavy topdressing of sand.

Fertilizing greens

We applied our granular fertilizer to the greens last week. The analysis is 14-3-14. We put out 1/2 lb of nitrogen and come back in a few weeks and put out another pound. We try to put down 3lbs of nitrogen a year to the greens. The summer will make up mostly soluble fertilizer and the fall will be a granular around the time we aerate greens.

Pre-emerge on greens

We sprayed a product called bensumec on greens Friday. This is our pre-emerge that we spray on greens for crabgrass. It will have an odor after we spray and should go away after a few days. With the warmer weather this week, we will be spraying greens and fairways.