Monday, February 18, 2013

Completed projects

Here's a list of what has been completed since November.
Cleaned out creeks 9,13, range
Installed drainage 1,3,17
Re-shaped basins on 1,3,9,18
Brush cut right side of 8 and below sky valley way
Aerated all fairways and top dressed with sand
Removed all sand from green side bunkers and filled with new sand for better compaction
Installed yardage markers on all sprinkler heads from 250 yds in
Removed dead trees on golf course
Installed new siding on maintenance facility
Enlarged seed and chemical rooms
Installed new lighting in mechanics Bay Area
Poured concrete pad at range for mats to be used while tee recovers
Cut low lying limbs over cart paths
Rebuilt irrigation jockey pump
Repainted all tee markers, signs and ball washers

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